Rainforest Topic Planning

Rainforest Topic Planning and Lessons.

Need a hand with your rainforest topic planning this half-term? Then look no further! Our rainforest unit contains 10 lessons to get you started. Each lesson contains all the resources you need to engage your students and is aimed at Lower KS2. Our resources are designed to slot into your own planning or as the basis for your unit of work. We love the opportunity for cross-curricular work and this activity from The Scout Association is a perfect addition to any learning about tropical rainforests.

Want to test it out?

If so, you can sample the introduction and summary lessons as well as the whole unit planning for free.

So, what does our rainforest topic planning contain?

  • Climate lesson. This lesson covers the climate of tropical rainforests and explains the climate of temperate rainforests for comparison, students then create their own weather forecast using weather tables.
  • Rainforest location lesson. Next, this lesson allows students to locate tropical and temperate rainforests around the world as well as understand where the lines of tropics lie.
  • Rainforest animals lesson. Students will learn about different rainforest animals and which rainforests around the world they are found in. Our fantastic living things fact files are part of this lesson bundle.
  • Rainforest layers lesson. This lesson teaches students about the different layers of tropical rainforests. It contains the resources to create a booklet with the details of the different layers.
  • Living things and their needs lesson.
  • This lesson follows on from our rainforest layers lesson. Students will imagine a new animal or plant has been discovered, they will use their knowledge of the layers to create a new plant or animal.
  • Food chains lesson. This lesson explores the different parts of food chains. Students use our living things fact files to create their own rainforest food chains.
  • Tribal people lesson. Students learn about tribal people in this lesson, focussing on the Yanomami tribe of the Amazon. This lesson’s activity explores what the Yanomami people eat and how they source their food, with an opportunity for students to compare it to what they eat.
  • Deforestation lesson. Finally, this lesson explores deforestation. It comes with a fact file all about deforestation and a carousel of fun, independent activities.  

We hope you love this rainforest topic planning. You can also find them on TES.

Happy teaching!